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[IMPORTANT NOTICE] 105 the first semester of expertise and related application note notice.
nformation Engineering Department ANNOUNCEMENTS
 Date: May 30 105 years
Subject: 105 first semester internship applications and related professional attention notice.
First, the implementation of measures under this Department of Professional Practice (Elective way: fill out the "Application Form for Professional Practice," by tutors and internship supervisor signature, and to convene the Commission for approval rear can calculate the number of hours of expertise by the department (payment application. when cross-: Please book containing internship contract manufacturers have sealed until after the review meeting by the department before completing the follow-up stamp)
Second, the 105 made the first semester of expertise Application deadline as follows: (2 times) ~ 105.06.10 stop (late can not apply) ~ 105.09.30 stop (late can not apply)
3. After the review conference system, there are through professional applications for internships students, will be announced student number on the website of the Department, and from the Review Conference by date began to calculate when the internship number (in the Department for approval on and complete the contract before the book signing of internship hours, the Department will not be recognized), then to the Department after the release of the students do receive paid internships book contract to the vendor (a).
Fourth, the above matters any questions please inform an assistant.
                                      Kai Department of Information Engineering Office

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