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4. English proficiency of students graduating from Chung Hua University of qualifying Implementation Measures
Chinese graduate students' English proficiency qualifying Implementation Measures
99.04.9 ninety-eight third language conference center by the second semester of the academic year
99.04.14 ninety-eight first extraordinary meeting of the school year curriculum planning committee amended by
99.04.21 ninety-eight the seventh meeting of the academic year the Senate amended by
99.5.19 ninety-eight fourth session Second semester Language Center corrected by year
99.6.9 ninety-eight ninth meeting of Senate amendments by the academic year
The first is to enhance our students learning the English culture and ability to benefit students 'career planning further studies and employment, the special set "of Chinese University Students' English proficiency graduation qualifying Implementation Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the Measures).
Since Article 99 of the school year, school enrollment from daytime undergraduate (including transfer) students during the school must pass English proficiency test before they may graduate.
English test scores in front of the school, are inadmissible count; but test scores have reached graduation qualifications, their reward in full by the school registration fee, reward once only.
Article in front of our students after enrollment Tai three school shall participate in the "intermediate GEPT first test," and up to the first test by standard, or participate in the "TOEIC (TOEIC)" and a score of 500 points (or more), or participate in other British seized the exam and achieved by the standard (as listed in Schedule I), that is, the ability to meet the English school graduate qualifications.
Article IV to assist and supervise students complete English proficiency graduate qualifications, language centers (hereinafter referred to as the Centre) shall each, Department of degree three-year set up an "English Proficiency" course (compulsory, zero credit score only distinction Pass or Fail). All students are required to pay the "English Proficiency Test results that the application form" to the class to go through registration procedures. English Proficiency Test score of the criteria set out in this way by Article III, namely through the course and meet the English proficiency school graduation eligibility requirements.
Article failed to pass the "English Proficiency" course who shall present to the self-paced learning center site designated attendance and participation in school English textbooks hold of this center certification examination, those who pass shall be rebuilt in the second semester, "English proficiency test "program, and for registration procedures, the ability to meet the English school graduation eligibility requirements. Each student can participate in during the school up to school twice a certification examination.
Certification examination and failed "English Proficiency" course through the school should attend to before graduation and "Strengthening English" course through the opening of the center.
Above self, school certification examination and "Strengthening English" points of implementation of the curriculum by the Center separately prescribed.
Article VI of the aforementioned students who belong to students with disabilities, and does not apply to those who participate in these certification examination may apply and after being examined by the norms of this approach from the direction of the center.
English ability Foreign Languages ​​and Literature Department of Article VII of the school's students graduate qualification threshold to be higher than the present approach. Other threshold higher than the Department of this approach, its threshold standard by the Department of the custom.
Article VIII of the school education department or the ability to master English PhD student in the graduate qualification or not and set the threshold criteria, by the Department of discretion and set it.
Article IX of this approach by the language center meetings, courses Planning Committee and the Senate session, please Chen after president approved and announced the implementation of any amendments thereto.

A variety of detection by the British exam threshold standard table Schedule
Examinations by standard control
TOEFL (TOEFL) pen and paper 457
Computer 137
CEF language reference index B1
Cambridge English Proficiency Test grading Certification
(Cambridge Main Suite) PET
Cambridge International Business English competency test
Foreign Language Proficiency Test (FLPT) written 195
Oral S-2
Large school School English Proficiency Test
(CSEPT) Chapter 2 240
Reference: Executive Yuan "civil servants promoted to detect English Rating Criteria for evaluation table."
(Disclaimer: The information and contents contained in this page are obtained automatically from its Chinese counterpart by Google Translate (, and have not been verified maunally.)
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