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Chung Hua University Information School today (9th) and Delta Group in the Dentsu company signed a letter of intent for production and cooperation, by Zhongda Dentsu Managing Director You Wenshi and the Chinese University School of Information Dean Xiang Kunming representatives signed. In the future, the School of Information Engineering of the University of Chung Hua will arrange the relevant professional students every year to carry out remote teaching in Zhongda Dentsu, and effectively promote the integration of production and learning resources between schools and enterprises, and jointly cultivate both theoretical and practical experience, independent innovation ability Quality information talent.
Zhongda Dentsu Managing Director Youwen said that he was honored to have the opportunity to cooperate with the University of Chung Hua. For the University of Chung Hua to "quality teaching, production and learning link" for the school positioning vision, deep admiration. In the future, Zhongda Dentsu will provide a platform for remote teaching and share the experience of system integration in the fields of industrial automation and data center to illustrate the students' understanding of the industry.
The president of the School of Information School of the Chung Hua University of Science and Technology, said that he is delighted to be a leading partner with Dazhong Dentsu, a leading global provider of product integration solutions for industrial automation and data center infrastructure. Has a wealth of industry experience. I look forward to the students of the University of Chung Hua cherish the learning opportunities in different places to become more theoretical and practical experience of innovative talents.
Through the cooperation between the two sides, the University of Chung Hua will arrange information, automation and other professional students, each year to Delta Group - Zhongda Dentsu to carry out remote teaching activities, learning the company in industrial automation, data center infrastructure system integration experience, Based on the theoretical knowledge, to strengthen the understanding and understanding of the industry; Delta Group - Zhongda Dentsu will also send technical experts for Chinese college students to teach and share case experience, enhance professional skills.

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